The Wizard's High Council was a group of women who were raised by Glinda with the purpose of being council to the Wizard of Oz, while remaining chaste.


Two members of the Wizard's High Council, Elizabeth and Isabel, brought the Wizard news of a tear in the sky, captured by a monkey drone. Later, the council congregated when Glinda came to Emerald City, bringing with her Anna in place of Isabel, who had proven herself to not be chaste.[1]

Anna began working with the Wizard, giving him council contrary to what the head, Elizabeth, had given him. In doing this, she questioned his abilities, such as his control over the Eternal Warriors, leading to her imprisonment.[2] However, this was short-lived, as he found one of her seemingly absurd predictions to be true, causing him to bring her to Nimbo with him.[3]

Playing host to the royal family of Ev, Anna and Elizabeth provided their opinions based on how they had read the signs, both conflicting the other, which caused Princess Langwidere to be amused.[4] Once Dorothy Gale had arrived to see the Wizard, he refused any of his High Council access to see and read her, causing Elizabeth to grow frustrated. Following this, the Wizard asked Anna to replace Elizabeth as head of the council. Not long after, the latter two watched as Dorothy, Lucas and Sylvie left the city unobstructed. Elizabeth then informed Anna of their true mission, which was to spy on the Wizard and report secrets back to Glinda. The Wizard learned of the betrayal, and was infuriated at this information. Later that day, the High Council were present as Langwidere and her company left for Ev. Wishing for her to begin producing guns, the Wizard gave a demonstration, shooting and killing Anna, while the rest of the council frantically rushed to help her.[5]

The Wizard has the High Council chained to the pit holding the young witch

The Wizard puts the High Council to death.

In the day following his discovery of Glinda's betrayal by placing spies in his council, the Wizard devised a plan to have the council killed. He forced the council to a pit where a young witch with uncontrollable fire abilities was trapped. He then had every member of the High Council chained to the center of a pit, and commanded his guards to pull them in, causing the witch to angrily burn the council to charcoaled shells.[6]

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