The sacred temple was a building used by witches to perform funerary ceremonies for witches that had died. The underground level of the temple consists of many towers where the extracted magics of many powerful deceased witches are stored in jars.


The temple had been used by many witches to sing to rest their fallen sisters.[1]

After the death of East, Glinda and West performed a ceremony for her, viewed by the people of Emerald City, pulling her spells from her and into West.[1]

After West told Tip the story of Ozma, suggesting that Tip was the princess of Oz, she took Tip to the underground level of the temple, where she offered the remaining spells of her sister. Tip drank the spells of East and soon seemingly died. West took Tip to the bottom of the temple to a pool, leaving her body there.[2]

Angry and depressed that Glinda wouldn't reveal where their mother lived, West traveled back to the temple, slitting her wrists and leaving herself to die. A figure walks up to West and told her it had worked, looking over to see Tip standing there, no longer dead.[2]



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