Toto is a former police dog that traveled with Dorothy Gale to Oz.


Meeting Dorothy and Traveling to Oz

Toto arrives with a police-officer at Karen Chapman's residence, and barks repeatedly at Dorothy and the police officer. Dorothy climbs into the police car to shield herself from the incoming tornado, but the tornado lifts both of them up and transports them to Oz. Toto then follows Dorothy through the woods where they encounter the Munja'kin people from the Tribal Freelands. Toto growls at the people when they try to approach Dorothy, and Dorothy praises the dog for it. After the people brand Dorothy a witch, they banish her and Toto from the lands. During this trek, Dorothy names the dog, "Toto" after the Munja'kin word for "dog".[1]


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  • "Toto" is not the dog's real name, but the Munja'kin word for "dog."

Behind the scenes

  • In L. Frank Baum's Oz books, Toto is a dog of a small size, with black fur and eyes, probably of terrier breed. He is transported along with Dorothy to Oz and accompanies her on her journey. Coincidentally, being transported to Oz gave Toto the ability to talk and understand human speech, as with the other animals in the Kingdom. He just chooses not to reveal this ability.
  • There were five dogs were used to portray Toto due to filming demands. However, two dogs were used more than the other three. Those dogs are named Rocky and Alex.[2]


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