For the episode of the same name, see The Beast Forever/Prison of the Abject.
Witches are killed by a giant wave

The Beast Forever in the form of a giant wave, killing a multitude of witches.

The Beast Forever is a creature that is said to be able to take many forms - floods that meet the sky, fires that water cannot extinguish, monstrosities that slither and soar. It is said to come when the two moons become one.[1]


In the year 1378, the Beast Forever came in the form of fire.[1]

The Beast Forever returned as a giant wave, flooding the land of Oz, killing most of the witches due to Glinda and West's intervention,[2] as well as King Pastoria. The Wizard intervened and saved the people of Emerald City by controlling the Eternal Warriors, making them form a wall around the city to stop the break of water.[3]

In its most recent incarnation, Anna believed that the Beast Forever would return from the sky, possessing a brain, heart and relentless strength.[4] After discovering that Glinda was building an army of witches against him, the Wizard publicly announced the Beast Forever to be witches themselves.[5] Noa, a former member of the Wizard's High Council and imprisoned with Dorothy Gale, told her cell mate that the Wizard was the Beast Forever.[6] This, however, turned out to be false, as Roquat was. He was released from the Prison of the Abject, putting on a skin, growing wings and flying to Emerald City, imprisoning Jane Andrews.[7]

Known incarnations

  • Fire (1378)
  • Flood (twenty years ago)
  • Roquat (current)



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