Roquat is an individual formerly incarcerated in the Prison of the Abject and is the current incarnation of The Beast Forever.


Due to use of magic, Roquat was locked in the Prison of the Abject as one of the first occupants.[1] He was eventually freed by Dorothy Gale, who possessed the Elements. He took some time to recover, before knocking out Ojo.[2] As Nahara asked him to spare Ojo's life, Roquat instead got to recovering, taking a stick and grabbing a hanging shell of skin hanging from above him. He opened it up, climbing inside it, before sitting atop a ledge, sprouting wings. He then proceeded to fly to Emerald City, whereupon he took Jane Andrews as a prisoner.[3]

Powers and abilities

Roquat sprouting wings

Roquat sprouting wings.

  • Magic: Due to his ability to use magic, Roquat was locked in the Prison of the Abject, which was full of magical prisoners.[1] Despite having his skinned ripped off of him, he was able to return to a shell and reuse it, sprouting gigantic wings from it.[3]


Behind the scenes

  • Roquat is based on Ruggedo, the former Nome King and the enemy of Princess Ozma. He was originally known as Roquat the Red, but after losing his memories, began using the name "Ruggedo", which later stuck even when he retrieved his memories.


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