Reesa is a witch who was imprisoned in the Prison of the Abject by the Wizard and released by Tip and West.


At some unknown point, Reesa was imprisoned in the Prison of the Abject because she is a witch.[1]

Reesa was released from the Prison of the Abject by West and Tip along with all of the healthy witches imprisoned in the magical prison. West and Tip took the released witches to a forest, where they tried to rally them to fight against the Wizard. None of the witches sided with West as West was considered a traitor in the witch community and Tip had shape-shifted into a boy using the powers of East, thus nobody believed Tip to be Princess Ozma. The witches, led by Reesa, used magic to sew West's lips and levitate her above the group. Tip turned into a female again and shared the memory of her parents being killed with the witches. Knowing Tip spoke the truth, the witches released West, and after Tip's command, picked their sister up.[1]



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