For the episode of the same name, see The Beast Forever/Prison of the Abject.

The Prison of the Abject is a magical prison used by the Wizard to imprison anyone who breaks his laws against using magic. It was created and administered by the witch East, but following her death, it was left seemingly unmanageable.


Nahara and Roquat were both locked in the Prison of the Abject due to use of magic. The former was visited by Ojo while he was on a trip to banish Dorothy Gale from the Tribal Freelands.[1] Wishing to amass an army to fight against the Wizard, West had Tip free all of those imprisoned, except for those that were dead or dying. Soon after, Dorothy Gale and Ojo visited, the former freeing Roquat and talking to Nahara regarding the Eternal Warriors.[2]

Known inmates

Former inmates



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