Nahara is the wife of Ojo and a practitioner of magic.


Meeting Frank Morgan

After Frank Morgan came to Oz, he demonstrated science to the Munja'kin people. However, he was shown up by Nahara, who demonstrated her magic.[1]

Imprisoned in the Prison of the Abject

Nahara in the Prison of the Abject

Nahara in the Prison of the Abject.

At the behest of the Wizard, Nahara animated the Eternal Warriors, using them to protect Emerald City. Because of this, Nahara was imprisoned in the Prison of the Abject in order to keep it a secret that he had no power over the Stone Giants.[2] Twenty years later, she was visited by her husband, Ojo, along with Dorothy Gale.[3] They returned sometime later, revealing herself to be dying. Dorothy asked her to reanimate her Giants, but she refused to, believing that a war between the Wizard and witches was necessary.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Nahara was able to manipulate a group of stones in to the figure of an animate person.[1] Further than this, she had control over the Eternal Warriors, a fact which eventually had her locked in the Prison of the Abject.[2]



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