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Adria ArjonaAithneAna Ularu
AnnaAnna's motherAugust
August's wifeBarrymoreBeautiful Wickedness
Brick roadCalcedonCardinal witches
Circus of OzClaudeClifford
DorianDorothy GaleEamonn
Eamonn's sonEastEast's castle
ElizabethEm GaleEmerald City
Emerald City (disambiguation)Emerald City (location)Emerald City Wiki
Emerald daggerEternal WarriorsEv
Everybody LiesFlorence KasumbaFrank Morgan's mother
GannGerran HowellGlinda
GoreHenry GaleHugh
Jane AndrewsJermiahJermiah's daughter
Jermiah's wifeJoely RichardsonJordan Loughran
Josh FriedmanKansasKansas Police
Karen ChapmanKatherine PastoriaL. Frank Baum
Lions in WinterLisaLucas
Lucas (location)Lucas MedicalMaeve
Matthew ArnoldMido HamadaMila
MillerMirandaMistress - New - Mistress
MombiMombi's hutMonkey drone
Mother SouthMunja'kinMunja'kins
No Place Like HomeNoaNoa's child
OjoOliver Jackson-CohenOllie
OzPilot (emerald city)Poppy
Prison of the AbjectRandallReesa
Roxy SternbergRyenneSam
Samuel PastoriaScience and MagicScreaming Forest
Season 1SpeeSullivan
The Beast ForeverThe Beast Forever/Prison of the AbjectThe Elements
The Villain That's BecomeThe WizardThey Came First
TotoTribal FreelandsVincent D'Onofrio
VorcotecWestWest's brothel
WitchWitches' sacred templeWizard's Guard
Wizard's High Council

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