Kansas is a state on Earth and the home of Dorothy Gale.


In 1996, at Vorcotec, a vortex research laboratory in Topeka, the staff began a regular test. While initially everything was going fine, readings began growing. They were locked out of the system, causing them to need to shut it down manually. One scientist, Roberto, was killed in the midst of it, while the other three (Karen Chapman, Jane Andrews and Frank Morgan) were transported to another world.[1]

Karen eventually found her way back, dropping her friend Jane Andrews' infant daughter, Dorothy, at the home of Em and Henry Gale in Lucas. Twenty years later, Dorothy grew up and had begun working as a nurse at Lucas Medical. When she went to visit her biological mother and finally reconnect, she found her badly injured in her storm cellar. Before she could help her, she was swept away in a police car to Oz.[2]

Dorothy returned to Kansas, where she found Karen in the cellar and saved her. When headed to Lucas Medical to visit Karen, she encountered Roan, who told her that the Beast Forever had returned and taken Jane as its prisoner. He then told her that she has to return to Oz and save them all.[3]

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