Dr. Jane Andrews is an inventor, former royal contractor from the kingdom of Ev, and a former scientist for Vorcotec. She is also a prisoner of The Beast Forever.


Travelling to Oz

Karen, Roberto and Jane working at Vorcotec

Jane working at Vorcotec.

In 1996, Dr. Jane Andrews worked as a scientist at Vorcotec in Topeka, Kansas alongside Frank Morgan and Drs. Karen Chapman and Roberto. During a test on a vortex chamber, she was locked out of the system, forcing Roberto to go investigate. When he was killed by a flying piece of metal, Jane and Karen went to help him, followed by Frank. While alongside the vortex chamber, the chamber itself began to crack, eventually sending them to another world, Oz. When they arrived there, they were approached by Munja'kins. Showing that they meant no harm, the Munja'kins let them into their camp. Some time eventually passed, during which time she gave birth to a daughter. When given the chance to take home by the witch East, only Karen took it, taking Jane's daughter with her.[1]

Working in the kingdom of Ev

Twenty years later, Jane found herself working as an inventor for the royal family of Ev, whose princess, Langwidere, she made masks for. She found Jack, having fallen from a considerable height and his insides having come out of him. Jane took him back to her workshop, where she saved him, substituting several body parts for mechanical ones, including his heart, left arm and both legs. Once he began to learn how to walk and control his limbs, she took him to the royal family of Ev, who she had made him for, revealing that he was owned by them.[2]

She was later visited by Langwidere, now queen, asking her to produce an arsenal of guns for her. Refusing, she was fired. Clearing out her shop and packing up, she was visited by Jack, to whom she explained what had happened. Angry, Jack refused to let it happen, but Jane believed it not possible.[3]


Behind the scenes

  • Jane seems to be based in part on Ku-Klip from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a tinsman who provided Nick Chopper with tin prostheses when he was curses to dismember himself by the Wicked Witch of the East, due to his love for the servant Nimmie Amee.


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