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Jack is a former friend of Tip and the former property of the Royal Family of Ev.


Rescuing Tip

Jack was a friend of Tip and was determined to release his friend from his prison. He finally received help from Dorothy Gale, an interloper, who has received help from Mombi for her injured friend. When Jack releases Tip from his room. The two then search Mombi's cabinets for Tip's "medicine" that was supposed to cure Tip of his "bad blood." There was not enough medicine for Tip to take. However, Jack found a dagger that could finance their journey, but Tip is opposed the idea because he want's nothing to do with his former captor.[1] Jack ended up taking the dagger anyway.[2] The morning after the escape, Jack found himself alone and without his friend. He chased a girl who had stolen Tip's jacket, but soon learned that the thief was Tip, transformed into a girl.[1]

Jack and Tip head to Ev, in search of someone who can reproduce more medication for Tip's sudden transformation. Jack and Tip find help, only to discover Mombi's home remedy is a dark elixer, and Tip was born a girl. Jack began to develop romantic feelings for his friend, and in order to calm her down, revealed to her that he stole Mombi's dagger, saying they could sell the jewels and start a new life. Tip became annoyed with Jack, and when he tries to further calm his friend by kissing her, Tip accidentally pushed Jack off a balcony to his death. Tip, scared of the repercussions, fled the scene, abandoning her friend and taking the dagger.[2]

A New Chance at Life

Jack woke up to find a strange woman tending to him. Her name is Jane and she’s a woman of science, an inventor and Ev military contractor. As Jack had been badly hurt in the fall, Jane has rebuilt him; he now has left arm and two legs made of steel, and the inner-workings of a clock for a heart. Jack was heartbroken that Tip abandoned him and was no sense in being brought back. He then mets a mysterious masked lady, who teased him as a fellow freak. When Jane finally brought Jack to meet her employers, the royal family of Ev, the mysterious woman turns out to be the Princess of Ev, Langwidere.[3]


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Behind the scenes

  • Jack is based entirely on the character of Jack Pumpkinhead from the L. Frank Baum's The Marvelous Land of Oz. He has also taken on the role of Nick Chopper, the [w:c:oz:Tin Woodman|Tin Woodman] from the first book in the Oz series, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • Jack is depicted as a Tarot card 'Lovers' on NBC's Emerald City Facebook Page.


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