Isabel is a former member of the Wizard's High Council, being forced to leave after breaking her vow of chastity.


Isabel was a member of the Wizard's High Council. At some point, she had sex with Jamus, a member of the Wizard's Guard. One day, she and Elizabeth came to the Wizard with news of Dorothy Gale's unexpected arrival in Oz via a tear in the sky. They showed him footage taken by a monkey drone. Isabel later accompanied the Wizard when he went to talk to West. She acknowledged how Isabel was pregnant, revealing the father to be Jamus. Isabel soon watched on as the Wizard spoke to the people of Emerald City, promising to protect them from the Beast Forever and magic itself. Sometime later, she accompanies him on his way to meet Glinda. She was dismissed by Glinda, in place of Anna. Isabel was taken back with Glinda up north.[1]



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