Hugh is a member of the Wizard's Guard.


Searching for Dorothy Gale

Hugh joined Eamonn and a few others in their search for Dorothy Gale, an interloper in Oz. They travelled through a mountain pass, despite instruction otherwise from the tribal warrior Ojo. They went past the Prison of the Abject, at which point the men decided to rebel against Eamonn in order to gain the Wizard's loyalty. That night, Dorian attempted to kill Eamonn, but was killed and cut in to pieces, as he had originally planned to do to Eamonn, with his body being found by Hugh and Toby.[1]

The following day, they continued on. They pulled over a traveling circus, hoping to find Dorothy, but to no avail.[2] Soon after, they arrived in Nimbo, where they finally found Dorothy, and also former member of the Wizard's Guard, Roan, but the two escaped.[3]



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