"Everybody Lies" is the fifth episode of Emerald City. It aired on January 27, 2017.


Desperately seeking revenge for the death of her sister, West tracks down Dorothy and uses enchanted interrogation techniques to get the information she needs. The Wizard seeks the aid of the Kingdom of Ev to build a weapons arsenal to help him defeat the Beast Forever. Meanwhile, an old acquaintance may hold to the key to Lucas recovering his lost memories.


The Dungeon

Dorothy has been kidnapped by Ojo and delivered into the hands of West. West interrogates her prisoner, wanting to know how Dorothy killed her sister. Dorothy reluctantly shows her the gun and instructs her on how to use it. Luckily, the gun isn't loaded so West doesn't kill her when she pulls the trigger. Instead, she knocks her out by hitting her on the head with the barrel.

After informing Glinda about her new prisoner, West demands to know who "K. Chapman" is. When Dorothy refuses to tell her, West uses her magic to lift her up and slam her against the ground. East's gauntlets appear on Dorothy's hands, but when West goes to grab them she gets burned.

Dorothy begs Tip to help her escape but Tip refuses. Suddenly, Dorothy's "mom" is shoved into her cell. She begs Dorothy to tell her why East was heading to Oz. Apparently, East had been on her way to speak with Glinda before she committed suicide. Glinda hadn't told West this so she's understandably angry. When Glinda arrives, Dorothy is nowhere to be found. West's former assistant Miranda is killed because Tip has convinced West that it was she who helped Dorothy escape.

Dorothy makes her way through the festival and finally comes face to face with The Wizard. Apparently, he knew her mother and the Wizard, surprisingly, welcomes her home.

Festival of the Beast

Jack, Lady Ev, and the rest of her family attend the Festival of the Beast. The Wizard has invited them in hopes of enlisting their help to defeat the Beast. Ev gives him the run-a-round but finally reveals that she has no intention of helping him. She holds a grudge against him as he didn't help her people when the Beast Forever returned the last time, resulting in her mothers death.

Eamonn, Lucas, and Sylvie arrive in Emerald City. Sylvie informs Lucas that Dorothy is somewhere nearby and the two set off in search of her. As they wander around the Festival, the two are confronted by some of the Wizard's guards. Lucas is taken prisoner because he had previously killed 10 guards in Nimbo. He surrenders willingly and prevents Sylvie from using magic to free him.


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