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Three of the four cardinal witches.

"You might have outlawed their magic, but their people still love them."
"It's because they don't know them!"
Elizabeth and the Wizard on witches[src]

The cardinal witches are the prime witches of Oz, carrying with them immense power. They are linked to the four geographical sides of Oz: north, east, south and west.

Known cardinal witches

  • East, also referred to as the Witch of the East and The Mistress of the Eastern Wood, The Most Merciful and Stern. She is deceased.
  • Glinda, also referred to as the Witch of the North and Maiden of the Northern Light, Mother of the Sound and Pure.
  • Mother South is known as the Witch of South and the mother of all witches.
  • West, also referred to as the Witch of the West and Mistress of the Western Fields, Vessel of Truth and Solace.

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